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Restoration and Repairs

Restoration of Frankel at Banstead Manor

….for damage, or Patina restoration…

For many years Eddie has worked on a wide range of sculpture needing repairs or restoration, whether your piece be valuable or only sentimentally so, you will be in the best of hands knowing that Eddie has worked on such greats as works by Henry Moore, Elizabeth Frink and Antony Caro, among many others.  We are just as happy however to work on small, personal sculptures - which are usually most practical for you to bring in person, or send to us. We can also arrange to come to site for larger/or immovable works (costs by arrangement).


For advice and estimates in respect to any repairs or restoration: please do email us images of the piece, with close-up images of any damaged areas, as well as the dimensions of the works and if relevant the location and we will be happy to get back to you accordingly.

*****EXCITING NEWS! - we have now established a secondary business to cover our growing restoration and repair works - same people, same quality! web site to follow! but please email your repairs and restoration enquiries direct to us at : Fine Art Restoration & Repairs Ltd (FARR Ltd)*****


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