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…in an extensive range of materials….

Casting is available in Bronze, Aluminium, Iron, and a range of mixed media and resins.  When casting in Bronze or other metals we would produce a wax for you to inspect, so that you are able to make any last minute adjustments, and sign or edition the work prior to casting.  We would then invite you back again to our facilities in Manningtree, Essex, once the piece has been cast and chased, to ensure that everything is as you would wish it. This part of the process is key, and an experienced and skilled technician at this stage is essential. The patination is then usually carried out, usually on the same day as the metal check, so that we can work closely with you to achieve the unique and individual finish that each piece of sculpture requires.   This is carried out specifically to your instruction – further details can be found under Finishes/Patination. When casting in other media, we can also produce a range of finishes including, for example: Bronze, Aluminium, Copper and Iron Resin among many others.

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