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….the vital last stage…

An individual approach is offered for this highly skilled and sensitive process, where we patinate your sculpture with you present so that you can guide and observe us to achieving the optimum finish for your sculpture.  We can of course also patinate to match either images or other reference material you may have.   There are literally limitless options as to the range of finishes available, which would be customised to suit you and your exact requirements for any casting material chosen. Eddies extensive patination experience means that again, we can offer you this service carried out by someone considered to be amongst an elite few that are considered the very best in the UK. Patination can make or break a sculpture, and we can ensure that your patination will enhance and bring out the full beauty of your work.   Hot or cold chemical patinas are available, as well as more complex finishes ranging from those requiring lacquering or a simpler renaissance wax finish to seal.

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